Help Citizens Understand Europe


Par Hartmut Bühl  ESDU  Brussels, May 2, 2019

Why are populist movements in Europe currently getting stronger and more influential? Will the European institutions survive if, after the elections to the new European Parliament, there is a widespread presence of Eurosceptic members intentionally criticising the work of the Parliament? Must we fear that the achievements of the Union over the last 60 years – liberty, wealth, and peace – will end?

Is the European Union really in danger?

For me, the European Union is provoked like never before in very real terms. Its enemies, who want to destroy it, are present in its Member States themselves, while others outside the EU like Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump have great geostrategic and economic interests in degrading its power.The European-Security and Defence Union is member of the  organisation committee of the Berlin Security Conference (BSC).

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